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Jackson Woods attracts an amazing number of migratory bird species. In the spring birders with their binoculars and long camera lenses are everywhere.


The park has some year round birds also, including Red-Winged Blackbirds and Mallards.  Dragonflies and butterflies hover near the pond in summer. 


Deer, squirrels, turtles, and snakes are all found in the park, and a managed cat colony (all spayed and neutered) makes its home near the Edgewater East apartments. 


If you have a great wildlife photo from Jackson Woods, please share it with us!

A pair of Mallards and a pair of Canada Geese share the pond

Canada Geese by the rocks

A heron in the stream

Box turtles found in the Classroom area

Snapping turtles, momma and babies, in the pond

Mallard in the pond

Migratory birds of Jackson Woods

A snake in the classroom area

A young buck in the park.

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