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Walk the Woods

Tracking your exercise?  Or just getting some fresh air?   Here are some routes to take through the park with their approximate distances.  Click on the walks below for detailed route maps.  Happy walking!

The Grand Loop (~1 mile)

A walk that takes you around the outer edges of the trail system.  Directions start and end from the Gazebo, but you can start and end at any other park entrance, picking up the route at that point.

The Center Trails (~1 mile)

This route takes you back and forth along the many inner trails that connect the Turtle Crossing Bridge and the Pond and then loops around the Pond at the end. Directions start and end from the Gazebo.

The Woods Explorer (~1.9 miles)

If you walk just about every trail in the woods, you will walk almost two miles in total.  In one case you will cover a small section of trail twice. Directions start and end from the Gazebo, but like the Grand Loop you can start and end at another park entrance and pick up the route from there.

Entrance to Entrance:  Shortcuts through the Woods

Did you know that Jackson Woods has six different entrances (including two on Avenel Boulevard and a hidden one on Calvert Avenue)? Next time you’re walking in the area, skip the sidewalk and enjoy a walk through the park instead!

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