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Charles Jackson owned 64 acres of property that included the 13 acres that are Jackson Woods today. An 1873 F.W. Beers map shows his farmhouse located on the corner of Long Branch & Atlantic Avenues.  If you are interested, you can view historic aerial photos of the area on the Historic Aerials website.

This is an 1863 map of the area.  Note the location of the Charles Jackson farmhouse on the corner of Atlantic and Long Branch Aves in "Atlanticville".  You can see the tip of Manahasset creek flowing into what is now Jackson Woods Park.

This 1941 map is for a proposed development that was never built.  "Jackson Manor" would have stood where Jackson Woods Park stands today.    The lots noted as "Mosicote Realty" were developed, as was the area that contained the old Charles Jackson farmhouse (here listed as belonging to E.L. Jackson).  Both lots now house apartment complexes.

News clipping about an amateur baseball game between the "Athletics" and the "Pirates" (the 1912 champs) to be played at Jackson's Woods.  The diamond at Jackson's Woods was home field for the Athletics.  

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