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The Center Trails (~1 mile)

  1. Starting from Gazebo, take Hollywood Circle to Green Wave Trail to Wild West Trail and turn right to the Classroom.

  2. Cross Turtle Crossing Bridge, turn right and head down Fishtown Road to Hollywood Circle.

  3. Left on Hollywood, left again on Winslow Homer Promenade and head back to Steamboat Passage.

  4. Go right on Steamboat Passage, right on Seashore RR Crossing and return to Hollywood Circle

  5. Turn left on Hollywood and left again on North End Stroll and follow this all the way around to Turtle Crossing Bridge.

  6. Head back down Steamboat Passage to North End Stroll to the Butterfly Garden.

  7. Go left on Hollywood Circle around the pond back past the parking area to the Gazebo.

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