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Jackson Woods is home to a number of unique and creative benches and we hope to add more!  If you are interested in creating or donating a bench to the Jackson Woods, please contact us.

This bench honors Tom Booth, a local resident and activist who led the effort to save Jackson Woods from development in the mid-1990s.  We are so glad he did!  

The city earned this bench through the Trex recycling program after residents recycled 500 pounds of plastic bags in six months.

  We will receive more benches if we keep recycling, so please remember to bring your plastic bags and film to the Atlantic Avenue recycling center.

This beautiful bench in the Butterfly Garden was designed and built by a young girl and her grandfather.

When Jackson Woods received a new entrance sign in 2021 as part of a grant-funded park improvement program, the city's Department of Public Works created this great-looking bench from the old one.  Creative recycling! 

This wonderful bench created by a girl with her grandfather sits opposite the rock pyramid.  A great place for parents to sit and watch their kids climb the rocks.  Look behind the bench for the artists' signatures.

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