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The beautiful Butterfly Garden, with its stunning bench and brick walkway, contains a variety of pollinator plants, including different species of milkweed, the food source for Monarch butterfly caterpillars.  The garden has been certified as a Monarch Waystation.  


Nearby is a Bug House designed to attract a variety of beneficial insects and two Toad Abodes that will hopefully attract some toads to eat the slugs and other garden pests. 


Along the pond, a Blueberry Patch generates berries for deer, birds and other wildlife (feel free to take a handful if there are any left), and showcases a whimsical wheelbarrow garden created by a group of home schooled students. 


On the opposite hill, another wheelbarrow garden is perched on the hilltop next to a stone bench that honors Amanda Brockwell of Monmouth Conservation Foundation for her help and support in getting the transformation at Jackson Woods under way. 

Further down the path, a Daisy troop has adopted a small spot around a tree.  Their garden is encircled by hand decorated pavers, with decorative birdhouses hanging from the branches.

The Butterfly Garden freshly planted.

The Blueberry Patch with the home school class's wheelbarrow garden in the back.

Two toad abodes frame the Bug House.

Two butterfly houses sit along the outer edge of the butterfly garden amidst the daffodils.

Daisy troop garden

Daisy troop rain barrel and birdhouse

Home school class's wheelbarrow garden, a rain barrel near the Butterfly Garden, and Monarchs on the Butterfly Weed

Wheelbarrow filled with flower bulbs on the hill across from the Butterfly Garden

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